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May 1 / BenSeese

May Day 2010 Photos

President Obama came to speak at U of Michigan commencement, and it happened to land on May Day. The recent inanity in Arizona fired up the immigrant community, and about 500 of them turned out to rally outside the ceremony.

Freely-licensed photos are online:

Apr 5 / BenSeese

UIC GEO Protest Photos

Graduate Employees at UIC are in final mediation to settle a contract. If that doesn’t happen today, they will strike beginning Tuesday morning.

[Update: Contract settled after 13-hour mediation session. Strike averted!]

Freely-licensed photos are online:

Apr 3 / BenSeese

Michigan Lecturers Protest Firing

Images are online from today’s LEO protest of the University’s union-busting move. All are free, with CC licensing.

Mar 6 / BenSeese

Local Celebrity

I sent in a couple photos of the international space station to the backup weatherman at Local 4, Andrew Humphrey. He’s just as indecisive as I am, so he aired both.

And the photos themselves:

ISS Flyover 3/5/10
ISS Flyover 3/3/10

Mar 5 / BenSeese

Nat’l Day of Action for Education

Detroit’s meager but diverse showing for the National Day of Action supporting higher education.

Feb 5 / BenSeese

Poison Ivy in Way Too Much Detail

Witness: 141 megapixels of poisoned vines.

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