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Mar 2 / BenSeese

The next BenAmberMobile

Cars I wouldn’t kick out of bed:

                 MPG   cost-per-mile
Scion xA        32/37      76¢
Scion tC        22/29      80¢
Honda Fit       33/38      91¢
Nissan Versa    30/34      93¢
Mini Cooper     28/36   $1.96
Honda Civic Si  23/32   $2.36
Honda Civic LX  30/38   $2.36
Toyota Prius    60/51   $2.87

(I realize those cost-per-mile numbers are imperfect, but the study is still interesting to me. Here’s a great discussion of it.)


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  1. BenSeese / Mar 8 2007

    Hrm… Having no luck convincing Amber that our next car just might not be a hybrid. Any advice?

  2. Matt / Apr 2 2007

    That 197hp 4 banger, sport tuned suspension, 6 speed manual, and big ass 17″ wheels with the civic si ought to convince anyone that hybrids are for little girls. Seriously, look up fuel consuption over the course of years for hybrids and they come out even with a conventional gasoline engine. Especially for highway driving.

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