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Apr 4 / BenSeese

We Are One Rally in Ann Arbor


We Are One Rally in Ann Arbor, a set on Flickr.

Feb 2 / BenSeese

snOMG Blizzard Timelapse

snOMG Blizzard Timelapse on Vimeo.

Overnight timelapse of the snow accumulation in my backyard, in Whitmore Lake, MI. About 8 inches came down overnight. It’s still snowing & the camera’s still rolling, but I wanted to get the overnight footage online ASAP.

Shot at 45-second intervals with Nikon D90 + 55mm f/2.8 AF Micro, at 2.8, aperture priority, center-weighted, AutoISO up to 1600.

Lit by backyard security light, with aluminum foil strips dangling in front of the motion sensor to keep it on all night.

Music: “Visions” by Cut Copy
(buy on iTunes)

Jul 30 / BenSeese

Sovady & Jeff’s Wedding

(unedited preview album, many many more coming)

Jul 30 / BenSeese

The World is New

Welcome to the fresh, on new happily donated server space, with hopefully fewer silly security holes. Bear with me while wrinkles are smoothed.

May 10 / BenSeese

Red-Breasted Robins – From Eggs to Empty Nest

May 1 / BenSeese

May Day 2010 Photos

President Obama came to speak at U of Michigan commencement, and it happened to land on May Day. The recent inanity in Arizona fired up the immigrant community, and about 500 of them turned out to rally outside the ceremony.

Freely-licensed photos are online:

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